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Zyxel NXC5500
Wireless LAN Controller

Zyxel NXC5500

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Deploy and Manage a Highly Scalable, Worry-Free WLAN

With demand for Internet connection of mobile devices growing rapidly, high scalability WLAN and centralized management become necessary for wireless device deployments. Zyxel’s next-generation WLAN controller, the NXC5500, is capable of extending networks flexibly and fulfilling different deploy requirements with excellent AP compatibility; and the NXC5500 can centralize WLAN management to reduce extra efforts. The NXC5500 is easy to use and scalable for hotels, education institutions, chain stores as well as small- to medium-size enterprises to configure network solutions that meet their specific needs.

  • Centralized WLAN management and auto provisioning
  • Manages up to 512 APs with granular access control
  • ZyMESH simplifies complex,inconvenient cabling Wi-Fi deployments
  • Client Steering enhances efficiency of wireless spectrum utilization
  • Auto Healing maximizes Wi-Fi service availability
  • Comprehensive guest network management features

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