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802.11ax (WiFi 6) Dual-Radio Unified Pro Access Point

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Zyxel WAX610D
4x4 5Ghz, 2x2 2.4Ghz WiFi 6 (802.11AX) AP 2.5G LAN - NebulaFlex Pro 1 Year
List Price: $469.99
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The WAX610D is truly the next generation of wireless (WiFi 6) AP, especially for businesses looking to strike the right balance between performance and budget. It embodies the full range of WiFi 6 technologies including UL/DL, OFDMA, MU-MIMO, and 1024 QAM, which enables the ultra-fast speed of 2975 Mbps. The WAX610D 4x4 (5G) + 2x2 (2.4G) dual-optimized antenna design boasts the most effective solution to guarantee that it provides smooth and consistently fast service to each client at all times whether it is wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted. Also, it uses the second generation transmit beamforming technology incorporating Low End Sensitivity Improvements and Time Domain Channel Smoothing allowing data rates to increase for not only MU-MIMO clients, but for all existing ones as well.

The WAX610D is not only efficient at delivering impressive high speeds with smooth and consistent delivery to wireless clients, but also it’s efficient on power. The WAX610D can deliver its impressive performance while keeping the consumption of PoE within the PoE+ standard, so that you can enjoy the latest WiFi 6 technology, experience first-hand the uncompromising multi-gigabit speed when coupling with the capacity of Zyxel XS1930 Series switches without the need of re-cabling.

The WAX610D with NebulaFlex Pro offers the full flexibility for users to switch among standalone, controller-managed and cloud-managed modes. In addition, it comes with a 1-year bundled Nebula Professional Pack license*1 that eliminates immediate licensing cost when migrating to full-featured cloud management.

Zyxel WAX650S

Dual-radio (dual 4x4 MIMO) 802.11ax AP

Dual-radio (dual 4x4+2x2 MIMO) 802.11ax AP provides maximum data rate of 2975 Mbps


Coupled the capacity with Zyxel XS1930 Series switches, the 2.5GbE uplink delivers uncompromising multi-gigabit speed without the need of recabling

Smart antenna

Dual-optimized antenna provides wall-/ceilingmounting modes to fit in your deployment

NebulaFlex Pro

NebulaFlex Pro allows users to switch among standalone, onpremises controller managed or intuitive Nebula cloud managed modes as needed

Advanced Cellular Coexistence

Advanced Cellular Coexistence minimizes interferences from 4G/5G cellular networks

*1The licensing terms may vary depending on part numbers or regions Please contact your local sales representative.


Bringing next generation WiFi within reach

Zyxel’s new WAX610D is a true WiFi 6 access point that delivers faster performance and massive increasedcapacity, which along with unique Zyxel dual optimized antenna technology, make the user experience even better. Apart from running at 25% faster speed, the WAX610D can also accommodate more client devices without any fall-off in speed, allowing an easy scale-up capacity to support hundreds of connections without increased latency.

NebulaFlex Pro – simply manage it your way!

The NebulaFlex Pro provides extended flexibility, allowing users to easily switch among standalone, on-promises controller or our intuitive NCC (Nebula Control Center) modes any time according to your needs without additional cost while protecting wireless technology investments. The privilege of one-year professional pack you can get once upon registration on Nebula includes wireless health, site-wide topology, 365-day statistics on the devices and clients monitoring along with more upcoming advanced features on NCC and its App.

Unparalleled high-density performance

Essentially, there are two technologies that make a real difference in WiFi 6 – orthogonal frequency-division multiple access (ODFMA), and spatial re-use, which is also referred to as Basic Service Set (BSS) coloring. These make WiFi 6 a much more efficient technology than 802.11ac. The BSS coloring allows multiple access points to be used in the same vicinity without fear of co-channel interference.

Superior performance with innovative “Dualoptimized” antenna

People without RF expertise may not realize that installing an AP optimized for ceiling-mount as wall-mount may cause the ceiling-mount radiation pattern to interfere with other devices up- or downstairs as well as to deliver signals with shorter-than-expected range for its clients. Designed with the innovative “Dual-optimized” antenna, the WAX610D adapts to both wall- and ceiling-mount installations. Thus, users can switch between the two optimized antenna modes easily to fit either situation. To boost WiFi speeds for your network, the WAX610D is definitely an excellent choice.

4G/5G cellular network coexistence

With the growing pervasiveness of mobile devices in the wireless network, users start to experience degraded performance, such as ping drops and high latency, however whenever user shutdown the mobile equipment, wireless service resumes working smooth. Thus, to enable 4G/5G cellular network coexistence and minimize interference from 4G/5G antennas or signal boosters, the WAX610D has built-in 4G/5G interference filters. As a result, the visible or invisible 4G/5G indoor antennas in the environment is no longer an issue when installing APs

Application Diagram:

Key Applications
Key Applications


Model WAX610D
Product name 802.11ax (WiFi 6) Dual-Radio Unified Pro Access Point
Standard IEEE 802.11 ax/ac/n/g/b/a
Wireless speed 2.4 GHz 575 Mbps
5 GHz 2400 Mbps
Frequency band 2.4 GHz
(IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/ax)
  • USA (FCC): 2.412 to 2.462 GHz
  • Europe (ETSI): 2.412 to 2.472 GHz
5 GHz
(IEEE 802.11 a/n/ac/ax)
  • USA (FCC): 5.15 to 5.35 GHz; 5.725 to 5.850 GHz
  • European (ETSI): 5.15 to 5.35 GHz; 5.470 to 5.725 GHz
Bandwidth 20-, 40-, 80-MHz and 160-MHz
Conducted typical transmit output power US (2.4 GHz/5 GHz) 23/28 dBm
EU (2.4 GHz/5 GHz) 19/25 dBm
RF Design
Antenna type 4x4 + 2x2 dual-optimized antenna
Antenna gain 2.4 GHz Peak gain 5 dBi
5 GHz Peak gain 6 dBi
Minimum receive sensitivity Min. Rx sensitivity up to -101 dBm
WLAN Feature
Band steering Yes
WDS Yes (V6.10)
Fast roaming Pre-authentication, PMK caching and 802.11r/k/v
Load Balancing Yes
Encryption WEP/WPA/WPA2-PSK/WPA3
Authentication WPA/WPA2/WPA3-Enterprise/EAP/IEEE 802.1X/RADIUS authentication
Access management L2-isolation/MAC filtering/Rogue AP detection
IPv6 Yes
DiffServ marking Yes
Operating Mode Nebula Cloud managed/controller-managed/standalone
ZON Utility
  • Discovery of Zyxel switches, APs and gateways
  • Centralized and batch configurations
    • IP configuration
    • IP renew
    • Device reboot
    • Device locating
    • Web GUI access
    • Firmware upgrade
    • Password configuration
Zyxel Wireless Optimizer
  • WiFi AP planning
  • WiFi coverage detection
  • Wireless health management
Web UI/CLI Yes
Physical Specifications
Dimensions (WxDxH)(mm/in.) 180 x 180 x 39/7.09 x 7.09 x 1.54
Weight (g/lb.) (WxDxH)(mm/in.) 545/1.20
Included accessories
  • Mount plate
  • Mounting screws
MTBF (hr) 329,004
Physical Interfaces
Ethernet port 1 x 10/100/1000/2500M LAN
1 x 10/100/1000M LAN
Power PoE (802.3)at: power draw 19 W
DC input: 12 VDC 2 A
Environmental Specifications
Operating Humidity:10% to 95% (non-condensing)
Temperature: 0°C to 50°C/32°F to 122°F
Storage Humidity: 10% to 90% (non-condensing)
Temperature: -30°C to 70°C/-22°F to 158°F
Radio FCC Part 15C, FCC Part 15E, ETSI EN 300 328, EN 301 893, LP0002
EMC FCC Part 15B, EN 301 489-1, EN 301 489-17, EN55022, EN55024,
Temperature: -30°C to 70°C/-22°F to 158°F
Safety Safety EN 60950-1, IEC 60950-1, BSMI CNS14336-1


Download the Zyxel WAX610D Datasheet (PDF).

Pricing Notes:

Zyxel Products
Zyxel WAX610D
4x4 5Ghz, 2x2 2.4Ghz WiFi 6 (802.11AX) AP 2.5G LAN - NebulaFlex Pro 1 Year
List Price: $469.99
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