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What is SD-WAN?

It's short for software-defined wide area network and it's an evolution of the WANs that most businesses use to connect geographically distributed locations like branch offices and work sites.

SD-WAN can enhance network performance and creates a safe, secure network governed by bandwidth and traffic policies that can be quickly and centrally configured.

An SD-WAN differs from a traditional WAN in that it reduces dependence on hardware and data centers in favor of integrated software and cloud networking. This opens the door to agile, dynamic solutions to problems like dropped connections and laborious policy setting.


Zyxel SD-WAN

Fast LAN but slow WAN

In the Broadband Speed League reports the average speed of global broadband is 9.1Mbps while LAN speed gets up to 10Gbps.

Zyxel SD-WAN

Growing Branches & Cloud Usage

By 2025, 80 percent of companies will have new branches and therefore more rely on cloud.

Zyxel SD-WAN

Lower Cost Higher Throughput

SD-WAN is quick to deploy whilst MPLS may take months to install. It improve performance without extra bandwidth investments.

SD-WAN License

Nebula SD-WAN license pack includes SD-WAN features and security services

License Service SD-WAN Management
Security Management
Dynamic Path Selection (DPS)
WAN Optimization
Application Patrol
Content Filtering
Geo Enforcer
Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) Email/App/SMS Email/App
Auto VPN
Other (VPN/Firewall Function)
Monitoring Page Update Frequency High Low
Storage Of Config Log/Monitoring Data Latest 396/30 days Latest 7/1 days

SD-WAN Products

ZyWALL VPN50/100/300/1000 gives the option to run Nebula SD-WAN mode or standalone mode.

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