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Zyxel Cloud CNM SecuManager
Global Network, Local Control. Large Scale, Small Expense.

Zyxel SecuManager

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For both internal and global network deployments, the centralized management features of Zyxel’s next-generation firewalls minimize administrative efforts and operating costs especially for multiple-site or large-scale deployments.

The Zyxel Cloud CNM SecuManager is a comprehensive network management software that provides an integrated console to monitor and manage security yateways including the ZyWALL USG and VPN Series that can be extended in the future. It offers a great set of features that come together to bring you four benefits - centralized control, easy management, smart monitoring, and advanced provisioning over your network, ultimately to unlock your business potential.

Why Cloud CNM SecuManager

Centralized Control

Boost business expansion
Minimize overhead expense.

  • Easily scalable
  • Interface to device portal

Smart Monitoring

Compartmentalize Manageability Leverage Google MAP with GeoIP.

  • 3-Levels account Mgt
  • Auto GeoIP map view

Easy Management

Simplify device management
Auto-run reoccurring campaigns.

  • Firmware and configuration management
  • Group configuration
  • Scheduling

Advanced Provisioning

Enable versatile VPN scenarios Provisioning for single or group device(s).

  • Various scenarious of VPN provision
  • Single device provision