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Zyxel HLA3105
HomePNA 3.1 Coax Ethernet Bridge

Zyxel HLA3105

Sorry, this product is no longer available, Please contact us for a replacement.



HomePNAHassel-free IPTV Streaming over Coaxial Networks

With a plug-and-play design, the HLA3105 HomePNA 3.1 Coax Ethernet Bridge provides an easy way for telcos to deliver IPTV services through the existing coaxial wiring. Just plug a pair of HLA3105 into the coaxial outlets in two rooms; one connects the HLA3105 to your DSL modem through a Ethernet cable, and the other to an Ethernet-equipped device as a set-top box; thus the IPTV services can be delivered to every room at home without laying new wires. 

  • Plug-and-play bridge adapter converts Ethernet to/from coaxial wirings
  • HPNA 3.1 (ITU G.9954) compliant with data transfer rates of up to 320Mbps*
  • Two F-types coaxial connecters with internal filters to provide a cost-saving solution for reducing signal interference to the legacy TV
  • One Fast Ethernet port for FTTx, DSL modem and Ethernet terminals as Set-top Box

* The actual data rate may vary depending on the coaxial wire noise level and quality of coaxial installation.